Books and book chapters

October 2020

Empirical Study of Experiences with Remote Hearings: A Survey of Users’ Views”, with Gary Born and Anneliese Day QC, Ch. 7 in Maxi Scherer, Niuscha Bassiri, Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab (eds.), International Arbitration and the COVID-19 Revolution (Wolters Kluwer, 2020)

September 2019 (with updates in 2020)

Review of Delos Dispute Resolution”, with Ank Santens, Ch. 49A in Horacio A. Grigera Naón and Paul E. Mason (eds.), International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives (LexisNexis Matthew Bender, 10th edn., 2019)

June 2018 (with updates in 2019-2020)

Delos Guide to Arbitration Places (Co-General Editor)
– nominated for the 2019 GAR Award for Innovation

Other publications

June 2021

“Remote Hearings (2020 Survey): A Spectrum of Preferences”, with Gary Born and Anneliese Day QC, Journal of International Arbitration 38(3)

March 2021

A Circle For A Triangle – Geometry In Aid Of Efficiency In International Arbitration” (Delos)

March 2021

A Black Swan Event? Implications of COVID-19 for Damages and Valuations in International Arbitration”, with Lucy Martinez, James Nicholson and Noah Rubins QC (Kluwer Arbitration Blog)

September 2020

Opening up, one conversation at a time” (ArbitralWomen, September 2020 Newsletter)

March 2020

Delos checklist on holding arbitration and mediation hearings in times of COVID-19)” (Delos)
– nominated for the 2020 GAR Pandemic Response Award

September 2019

Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contracts” (Delos)

March 2017

Activating Arbitration: Four Delos Principles to Achieve Fair and Efficient International Arbitration” (Delos; Spanish-language translation published by Delos in January 2018)