May 2021

JURIS – “The ICSID/UNCITRAL Draft Code of Conduct for Arbitrators: Voluntary or Mandatory?” – Panellist (online)

January 2021

Delos-SCC-VIAC – “Fast & Slow? A Look Back at Remote Hearings in 2020 and the Outlook for 2021” – Moderator (online)

January-Apil 2021

Delos – “In conversation with Neil” – Moderator for the conversations with Chiann Bao (Jan.), Claudia Salomon (Jan.), Prof. George Bermann (April) (online)


December 2020

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) School of International Arbitration (SIA) – “COVID-19 and its Effects on International Arbitration” – Panellist (online)

November 2020

AmCham Perú and Delos – “The Present and Future of Remote Oral Advocacy in Arbitration” (AmCham Perú Arbitration Unplugged Webinar Series, Ep. 7) – Moderator (online)

November 2020

RMA & Co. and Delos – “What to know - or what to forget - about an Arbitral Institution” – Panellist (online)

November 2020

Delos – “A Black Swan Event? Implications of COVID-19 for Damages and Valuations in International Arbitration” (a GAP Symposium 2020 event) – Moderator (online)

November 2020

Delos – “International Arbitration and the COVID-19 Revolution” – Panellist (online)

October 2020

The Arbitration Conversation, with Amy Schmitz, Episode 48 – Guest (online)

October 2020

Delos – ROAP 2020 Dedication Panel – "David D. Caron and International Adjudication & Arbitration" – Panellist (online)

October 2020

CEA Italian Chapter and AIA-ArbIt-40 – “Start-Arb: Arbitration and Start-Ups” – Panellist (online)

September-December 2020

Delos – “In conversation with Neil” – Moderator for the conversations with Sir Vivian Ramsey (Sept.), The Hon. Fali Nariman (Oct.) and Juliet Blanch (Nov.) (online)

August 2020

Fábrica de Startups Brazil – “Arbitration for Startups: Opportunities, Challenges and Success Cases” – Panellist (online)

June 2020

Bishkek Arbitration Days 2020: “Dispute Resolution in Times of Pandemic: Can Arbitration be the Answer?” – Panellist (online)

June 2020

Kings Chamber and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer: “International Arbitration: How is it adapting during COVID-19” – Panellist (online)

April-December 2020

Delos – TagTime webinar series – Season 1: Guest interviewer for “Neil Kaplan on Procedural Order No. 1” (April); Panellist for the “Summer Special” (July). Season 2: Panellist for the "Holiday Special" (Dec.)


November 2019

Delos and Shearman & Sterling – Dubai Arbitration Week 2019: “Innovation in arbitration: what does it take to promote useful change?” – Panellist (Dubai, UAE)

November 2019

CIArb YMG: “Is arbitration suitable for small claims?” – Panellist (Edinburgh, UK)

September 2019

International Business Law Journal / Revue du Droit des Affaires Internationales (IBLJ/RDAI) Round Table: “Arbitral Institutions: A Necessity or a Burden?” (London, UK)

September 2019

LCA – First International ADR Summit: “The Future of Arbitration in Technology – Blockchain and Smart Contracts” – Masterclass speaker (Lagos, Nigeria)

September 2019

CIDS Executive Course – “ICC Arbitration: Current Developments”: “Beyond The ICC: New Contenders On The Market” – Lecturer (Geneva, Switzerland)

July 2019

King’s College London, Executive LL.M.: Advanced International Dispute Resolution: “The Market for Arbitration: Old and New Contenders” – Workshop speaker (London, UK)

May 2019

Innovative Legal Services Forum (“ILSF”) 2019: “CEE Case Studies: Dispute Resolution” – Keynote speaker; “Innovation in Dispute Resolution: Sci-Fi or Future Reality?” – Workshop speaker (Prague, Czech Republic)

February 2019

CARDS 3rd Tour de Arbitration: “Experts’ Indispensable Role In International Arbitration” – Moderator (Paris, France)


December 2018

Sciences Po Arbitration Society (SPAS): “Arbitration x Technology: A Call For Awakening?” – Panel speaker (Paris, France)

November 2018

6th Annual GAR Live in Paris: “Arbitral institutions and their war on time and cost” – Panel speaker (Paris, France)

October 2018

Lilla Huck Otranto Camargo: “The Use of Arbitration to Settle Technology Disputes” – Panel speaker (São Paulo, Brazil)

May 2018

Third Co-Chairs’ Circle Global Conference: “How to get that first appointment and continue to be appointed” – Panel speaker (Rome, Italy)


Delos – Inaugural Events Series: “Introduction to Delos” – Keynote or panel speaker (Hong Kong in March 2018, Paris in April 2018, São Paulo in October 2018, Madrid and Dubai in November 2018 and Singapore in March 2019)

2014 - 2017

December 2017

CIArb YMG: “Navigating through Common law and Civil law waters in International Arbitration: Young Perspectives from Europe and the Americas” – Panel speaker (Paris, France)

November 2015

ICC YAF: “Workshop on arbitrator conflicts of interest” – Panel and workshop speaker (Athens, Greece)

November 2014

Banque du Liban (“BDL”) Accelerate 2014: “De-Risking Startups” – Keynote speaker; “Resolving Difficult Relationships” – Workshop speaker; and Seedstars Beirut 2014 Jury (Beirut, Lebanon)