November 2021

XXIV Old Buildings, Al Tamimi & Co, Delos, The New Dubai and The Law Governing the Arbitration Agreement – W Halla' la Wayn? – Panellist (Dubai, UAE)

October 2021

Delos, India Launch Event – Co-Convenor (online)

October 2021

Université de Lausanne & American University, Washington College of Law, Construction and Hospitality Disputes Post-COVID – Paper discussant (online)

October 2021

Université de Lausanne & American University, Washington College of Law, The Impact of COVID on International Disputes – Paper discussant (online)

October 2021

Delos, Portugal as a Seat for International Arbitration – Panellist (online)

September 2021

CIArb Virtual Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration, Selected Cases Studies in Law, Practice and Procedure of International Arbitration – COVID-19 Special Issues – Lecturer (online)

September 2021

Uzbek Arbitration Week, Cross Institutional Administration of Services: Expanding the Horizons with Inter-Institutional Collaboration – Panellist (online)

June 2021

Delos – TagTime webinar series – Season 3: Guest interviewer for “Sandra González on ‘Applying Substantive Law in International Arbitration: On the Way to Harmonization?’” (online)

May 2021

JURIS, The ICSID/UNCITRAL Draft Code of Conduct for Arbitrators: Voluntary or Mandatory? – Panellist (online)

January 2021

Delos-SCC-VIAC, Fast & Slow? A Look Back at Remote Hearings in 2020 and the Outlook for 2021 – Moderator (online)

January-July 2021

Delos – “In conversation with Neil” – Moderator for the conversations with Chiann Bao (Jan.), Claudia Salomon (Jan.), Prof. George Bermann (April), Prof. Pierre Tercier (July) and Sarah Grimmer (July) (online)


December 2020

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) School of International Arbitration (SIA), COVID-19 and its Effects on International Arbitration – Panellist (online)

November 2020

AmCham Perú and Delos, The Present and Future of Remote Oral Advocacy in Arbitration (AmCham Perú Arbitration Unplugged Webinar Series, Ep. 7) – Moderator (online)

November 2020

RMA & Co. and Delos, What to know - or what to forget - about an Arbitral Institution – Panellist (online)

November 2020

Delos, A Black Swan Event? Implications of COVID-19 for Damages and Valuations in International Arbitration (a GAP Symposium 2020 event) – Moderator (online)

November 2020

Delos, International Arbitration and the COVID-19 Revolution – Panellist (online)

October 2020

The Arbitration Conversation, with Amy Schmitz, Episode 48 – Guest (online)

October 2020

Delos – ROAP 2020 Dedication Panel, David D. Caron and International Adjudication & Arbitration – Panellist (online)

October 2020

CEA Italian Chapter and AIA-ArbIt-40, Start-Arb: Arbitration and Start-Ups – Panellist (online)


Delos – “In conversation with Neil” – Moderator for the conversations with Sir Vivian Ramsey (Sept.), The Hon. Fali Nariman (Oct.) and Juliet Blanch (Nov.) (online)

August 2020

Fábrica de Startups Brazil, Arbitration for Startups: Opportunities, Challenges and Success Cases – Panellist (online)

June 2020

Bishkek Arbitration Days 2020, Dispute Resolution in Times of Pandemic: Can Arbitration be the Answer? – Panellist (online)

June 2020

Kings Chamber and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, International Arbitration: How is it adapting during COVID-19 – Panellist (online)

April-December 2020

Delos – TagTime webinar series – Season 1: Guest interviewer for “Neil Kaplan on Procedural Order No. 1” (April); Panellist for the “Summer Special” (July). Season 2: Panellist for the "Holiday Special" (Dec.)


November 2019

Delos and Shearman & Sterling – Dubai Arbitration Week 2019, Innovation in arbitration: what does it take to promote useful change? – Panellist (Dubai, UAE)

November 2019

CIArb YMG, Is arbitration suitable for small claims? – Panellist (Edinburgh, UK)

September 2019

International Business Law Journal / Revue du Droit des Affaires Internationales (IBLJ/RDAI) Round Table, Arbitral Institutions: A Necessity or a Burden? (London, UK)

September 2019

LCA – First International ADR Summit, The Future of Arbitration in Technology – Blockchain and Smart Contracts – Masterclass speaker (Lagos, Nigeria)

September 2019

CIDS Executive Course – “ICC Arbitration: Current Developments”: “Beyond The ICC: New Contenders On The Market” – Lecturer (Geneva, Switzerland)

July 2019

King’s College London, Executive LL.M.: Advanced International Dispute Resolution, The Market for Arbitration: Old and New Contenders – Workshop speaker (London, UK)

May 2019

Innovative Legal Services Forum (ILSF) 2019, CEE Case Studies: Dispute Resolution – Keynote speaker; Innovation in Dispute Resolution: Sci-Fi or Future Reality? – Workshop speaker (Prague, Czech Republic)

February 2019

CARDS 3rd Tour de Arbitration, Experts’ Indispensable Role In International Arbitration – Moderator (Paris, France)


December 2018

Sciences Po Arbitration Society (SPAS), Arbitration x Technology: A Call For Awakening? – Panellist (Paris, France)

November 2018

6th Annual GAR Live in Paris, Arbitral institutions and their war on time and cost – Panellist (Paris, France)

October 2018

Lilla Huck Otranto Camargo, The Use of Arbitration to Settle Technology Disputes – Panellist (São Paulo, Brazil)

May 2018

Third Co-Chairs’ Circle Global Conference, How to get that first appointment and continue to be appointed – Panellist (Rome, Italy)


Delos – Inaugural Events Series, Introduction to Delos – Keynote or panel speaker (Hong Kong in March 2018, Paris in April 2018, São Paulo in October 2018, Madrid and Dubai in November 2018 and Singapore in March 2019)

2014 - 2017

December 2017

CIArb YMG, Navigating through Common law and Civil law waters in International Arbitration: Young Perspectives from Europe and the Americas – Panellist (Paris, France)

November 2015

ICC YAF, Workshop on arbitrator conflicts of interest – Panel and workshop speaker (Athens, Greece)

November 2014

Banque du Liban (BDL) Accelerate 2014, De-Risking Startups – Keynote speaker; Resolving Difficult Relationships – Workshop speaker; and Seedstars Beirut 2014 Jury (Beirut, Lebanon)